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New Moon in Pisces - Knowing

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Sunday 23rd February 2020 - 3:32pm GMT

We have come full circle through the Zodiac and about to enter the final Lunar Cycle of the Astro year. Pisces Is the last sign in the zodiac and relates to the energy of ALL THAT IS. It has no boundaries and is deeply connected to the mystical ether, so there is a sense that anything is possible during this lunation. You just have to believe.

The New Moon is conjunct Mercury who has recently turned Retrograde in Pisces. This is a time to re-evaluate and recognise our connection to what some would call spirit, or god, or source. Its the energy that makes up everything in the universe. It is that which holds everything together. How do you feel about this energy? Is it a loving force helping you? Or is everything always out to get you? If Pisces connects us to the limitless possibility of spirit, then this period will manifest as either chaos or creation, depending on how you are vibrating. Direct connection with spirit can be accessed in stillness. Drop out of your mind and into the centre of your chest where you will find your link. How often do you give yourself time to be still?

Mars has recently moved into Capricorn and is in exact aspect to the New Moon. So we might feel pulled between a longing to doss in bed dreaming (Pisces energy can make us feel a bit like that), and a drive to get down to business. Mars is our action and passion. When traveling through the industrious sign of Capricorn it wants us to step out of our comfort zones and put ourselves out there. We don’t get anywhere keep plodding along the same path, its important to try new avenues if we want to branch out. Hey, we may even learn something or even be surprised by what we already know.

Speaking of which, I get a feeling of cellular memory stirring. Gifts and skills we have acquired over lifetimes coming back to us. After all the clearing we have done, all the personal blocks we have overcome, channels are open for us now to access the wisdom which runs through our veins. This deeply spiritual New Moon is being harnessed either side by planets in Earth signs, Mars in Capricorn and Uranus in Taurus. When I think about Earth, I think of it as a living library. All the plants, birds, trees and animals all with their own gifts and medicines. When I think about my body and my blood, I think of the vast records available from my ancestors. Through mediation and stillness, perhaps we can tap into the bloodlines we were born into and feel the knowledge passed down to us. So many of us have answered the call to be in service during these rapidly changing times, are we fully aware of our gifts and the lineage we were born into? Do we trust that all the knowledge we need comes from inside of us?

Don’t get me wrong, I love books, and have been inspired by a few little gems. But things like magic, healing and even Astrology, work best coming from an inner knowing. As soon as we try to do things by the book, we loose that connection to our heart and our intuition. Our mind suddenly gets involved and we question everything. What are you being called to offer in the world? What type of role or job feels like the natural path to you? This is a time to trust you may already know these skills, so get out there and practice!

"Come out of your comfort zone" is something that I kept hearing on the build up to this post. This doesn’t need to be getting on stage or something (although for some it will be). It could also be facing your demons. We can feel very comfortable in ignorance. This is a good time to own where you may have been wrong AND right. There is nothing bad about admitting our mistakes, we can grow loads this way, as long as we don’t beat ourselves up about it.

During this Lunar Cycle, become a conscious listener through stillness, and then take action! Explore your faith, not only in the universal presence all around, but the faith you have in yourself too. Don’t be afraid to reach out if you find yourself unsure of your strengths and gifts. The Astrological birth chart can reveal a lot, I highly recommend looking into your unique chart. It's a fantastic way to understand yourself better. You can book a personal Astro-guidance session with me via the contact link on my website. Or if group learning is more your thing, follow Moonpsycles on Facebook and Instagram to find our next live event.

Wishing everyone a humungous step-up into your potential this month. Mercury Retrograde doesn’t have to be a pain in the ass you know. Let it enhance your life through surrender and reflection as it invites you to become a divine conduit in this powerful Lunar Cycle.

Blessed Be and Happy New Moon!

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