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New Moon in Scorpio - Ending a Cycle

Sunday 15th November 2020 - 05:07 am (GMT)

Scorpio is the sign where we transform and get reborn. It comes at a transitional time in the wheel of the year which corresponds with Death (Autumn/northern hemisphere) or Rebirth (Spring/southern hemisphere). The Scorpio New Moon is about embodying all the changes we have made this year. Mars moving direct gives us an extra spark of motivation which is being channelled through a line up of planetary energy in Capricorn. Pluto, the planet associated to metamorphose, is within the Capricorn mix AND the ruler of Scorpio, so will be a key player during this cycle.

Plutonian energy is amplified even more by its close proximity to Jupiter. Ambitions we set back in April are rising to power now. They may look different from how we originally imagined, but all efforts are beginning to pay off. What projects did you aim to evolve this year which felt like they ground to a halt? Can you see signs of things opening back up again? Don’t be afraid to reach for your dreams because Pluto symbolises personal power, endurance and resourcefulness. It is also destructive and forceful when it comes to healing, so if something or someone is holding you back, let it die. 

Capricorn and 10th House in astrology relate to our highest aspirations, career and what we want to put out into the world. Expect big changes around this theme. How are we feeling about putting ourselves out there? What adjustments can we make to our current career? Where are we directing most of our energy? Anyone with planets in Capricorn will be feeling this expansion most over the last year. The birth chart can tell you a lot about your career path. If anyone feels stuck in this area and would like a free, intuitive mini-career-path reading, all you need to do is fill out the contact form on my website, and I will happily send a little write up of what I see. 

Having recently experienced two of our personal planets go retrograde, its important to understand the opportunity these phases offer. Mercury Retrograde happens most frequently and helps us to learn more about how we communicate. Mars Retrograde only happens about every 26 months, but its duration can last over 2 months. During a Mars Retrograde we learn about our anger/passion, our sexual desire and also our direction in life. When these two bodies change  direction it means we can now apply the wisdom from lessons received. During the pre-shadow phase we experience some tension/challenge. Then the retrograde motion allows us to observe our emotional response to that tension, before the post-shadow phase where we get a second hit of challenge and the choice of how to respond. Below are the dates for you to cross-check with your journals.

Venus and Mars are both in their home signs right now, meaning they are at full power. Venus in Libra is enjoying the beauty in life, love and relationships. Whereas Mars is gearing up to move forward with ideas, projects and personal growth. A healthy combination of loving connection and goal oriented motivation is very good for the soul. One without the other can leave us unbalanced and like something is missing. 

In the modern world, time can feel linear and we forget that things naturally return. Life is full of cycles. Our breath is a cycle. Then there’s the daily cycle of the Sun, and beyond, the 28 day Lunar cycle. My spiritual growth and conscious expansion comes from working with the Lunar Cycle. In the light of the Full Moon I see myself and reflect as the Moon slowly wanes. It’s during this period I contemplate intentions for the next cycle. Our evolution is an upward climbing spiral. We repeat lessons over and over gaining wisdom as we go. I used to think that if I hadn’t integrated my intention fully, that I had failured, but in truth, if we don’t repeat the lessons by trying again, we deny ourselves the deep embodiment of understanding. Real knowledge comes from physical practice.   

We tend to unconsciously hold onto beliefs that block our progress and make us procrastinate about moving towards our desires. Meditation and inner journeying helps us to uncover these core beliefs which hold us back. I have recorded a simple exercise to find and remove internal barriers. You can access the video via my instagram account @hair_priestess or YouTube channel. In order to transform we need to let go. Wishing everyone a smooth journey towards their potential, be kind to yourself and remember to still have fun!

Blessed Be!

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