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New Moon in Virgo - Health Focused

Thursday 17th September 2020 12:00pm

All we have been learning about patience and discipline during the Saturn retrograde is about to pay off. Saturn is in exact aspect to this New Moon, meaning that its energy/medicine will be pulled into the next Lunar Cycle. Saturn will also be turning direct on 29th September just before the Full Moon, so there is some real strength to anchor our manifestation magic. There is also a feeling of perfectionism to the chart for this New Moon, appropriately a trait of Virgo. It feels as though we are tidying things up, refining our skills and making more considered choices.

Virgo is mutable Earth, it rules our health and our work. How many have suddenly felt called to go on a diet, cleanse or start an exercise regime? That will be the Virgo effect! Seen as Mars recently went into his retrograde spell, we may as well slow down and practice some of the self care we were too busy for before. Mars in retrograde can cause some serious frustration though, delays, obstacles, challenges. When we accept there is nothing we can do to make things happen quicker, we slip into a state of surrender which is totally liberating. There will be ample opportunities to practice breathing techniques until Mars moves direct on 13th November. Remember how much we can regret things that are said in haste and frustration?

The New Moon is also forming a T-square to its nodal points in the Gemini/Sagittarius axis. This aspect could be calling us to learn something new or maybe un-learn something we have done for years. Mercury will be entering its shadow period before going retrograde in Scorpio at the end of this Cycle. Because Mercury is the ruler of Virgo, whenever I think of this zodiac sign, I think of the brain. The brain is a very complex organ that controls our thoughts, memory, speech, movement and emotions. I talk a lot with people these days about writing a new type of education for emotional guidance. These teachings will come from personal experience. When Mercury does his little dance through Scorpio he will take us into our unconscious and show us what kind of shadows are holding us back from our true potential. Taking ownership of our shadow can turn it into gold, which is just what we need to bring a more feminine balance to how we educate our young people. 

There is a fair bit of change happening in the Solar System. Jupiter has just turned to move forward after a long retrograde. Jupiter brings luck and expansion so whatever we have been working on inwardly will now begin to be harvested. As I mentioned earlier, Saturn will also be changing direction, as will Pluto on 4th October. On a personal level these three heavies will be bringing us into our strength and power. On a global level, karma will be getting dealt and the transformation process will really begin to kick in. That means the cracks are getting bigger! Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto have all been doing their retrograde dance in Capricorn, which rules our external authorities, structures and systems. Say no more.   

Virgo is the sign of service, so as you make your alter to call in your dreams this New Moon, call in a prayer for the planet and humanity too. Call in a prayer for cooperation, for gratitude and joy. A prayer for nature, for forgiveness, and for more love. Wishing everyone a blessed month of evolution. May your health and the health of our beautiful planet be your priority.

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