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New Moon in Virgo - No Nonsense

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Friday 30th August 2019 11.37am GMT

Is this the beginning of a revolution i'm feeling? Uranus in Taurus has already started shaking things up in the natural world causing people to get up and take action. Uranus will be in an exact trine to this Virgo New Moon and as warrior planet Mars is also in cahoots with the Moon, we are gearing up to implement dramatic changes inside and out.

If you want to know about Virgo energy, you sure will by the end of this Lunar Cycle. All the personal planets are neatly stacked up in there which means we will be feeling, acting, loving, speaking, thinking and being VIRGO!

As mutable Earth, Virgo relates to the human body with all its remarkable functions including the mind. It is how we discern and analyse things. Virgo runs a pretty tight ship when working well, but can over analyse and worry if out of whack. Being the next step on from light hearted, ego-centric Leo, Virgo is where we get a bit more serious and consider how we can be of service in the world. 

So what can we expect for September? 

Big changes or wake up calls to do with our health and physical bodies. Have you been ignoring that yoga mat? You may finally be feeling its time you gave your body the respect it deserves.A more disciplined approach to your work and service. There will be no time for nonsense and pussy footing around. Either its working for you or not. This can most definitely be applied to those dodgy old thought patterns too. Are you getting better at clocking them lately? We can study and refine ourselves during this period, so lots of positive action can take place. Many a petty squabble or childish need can be put aside in order to bring a more wholesome and pure energy into our relationships and the world around us. Mars and Venus merging in Virgo will help us to find a rational balance of love and passion inside loosing the expectation that another needs to provide that for us.  

The more we purify and forgive ourselves through conscious action, the better use we will be in service to others. Being fully responsible for our actions and reactions allows us to move closer to a state of unconditional love which is the most powerful force you can get to help and heal the natural world. 

Wishing everyone a New Cycle of Love, Awareness and Respect. It is time to worship that which is sacred again. Peace.

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