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New Moon (Solar Eclipse) in Cancer - Big Wheel Turning

Sunday 21st June 7:41am GMT

What an incredible alignment! We have a brand new Eclipse cycle happening on Solstice, a pivotal time in the wheel of the year. This is clearly a big turning point, and the fact this New Moon is happening at zero degrees signifies a massive reset. Depending on what hemisphere you reside will depend on whether the light is growing or fading for you. In the Northern hemisphere we are having the longest day. We've been in a time of growth and now shall be giving thanks for the abundant harvest we are blessed with, on all levels. In the Southern Hemisphere, they will be welcoming back the light after the darker spell. The time of retreat is coming to an end and soon new shoots of life will begin to emerge. Solstice really is a time to stop and count our blessings. Its a time to give back to our communities and to the land which homes and feeds us.

The Solstice also marks the start of Cancer season, it's a powerful way to start with Eclipse energy and Mercury retrograde in there too. We are being invited to embrace the flow of nature and her cycles. When we move rhythmically, we relieve ourselves of anxiety and are more capable of meeting our goals. We make time to surrender to receptivity, self care and intuition. Cancer rules our emotions, our inner world, our homes, and inner child, so this is a good time to nurture ourselves and anchor into the comfort of our home.

Mercury has been gearing up to go retrograde for couple of weeks. During which, events, actions or decisions have lead to an amplified need to communicate our feelings. Retrograde is a period to reflect on how we express our emotions and a time of deeper listening. Why are we responding in that way? What is being triggered in us? Be mindful that these are very intense times and emotions are running wild. Mercury will be getting challenged by a very strong Mars in Aries making irritability and impatience heightened. Find room in your heart to forgive yourself and others if things get a bit crabby.

This is a time to re-evaluate the motives behind our actions. Are they coming from a place of service and compassion, or are they being guided by this dying phase of competitive greed? We have a lot of retrograde motion at the moment so there is ample opportunity to feel into our intentions. Are we grabbing or graciously accepting the support we asked for? Don't beat yourself up if you notice signs of disharmony here, its been the way of the world for some time. We are coming out of a linear lifestyle of reaching for the top and moving into a way where giving and receiving are of equal importance. It may feel odd to donate or give something for free at a time when money is tight, but energy wants to flow, and the spiral of life will continue with more freedom and flexibility. In other words, loosen your grip a little.

We will see transformation on many levels come out of this unexpected period. Money and industry are going through major changes and a more conscious consumer is being born. Less disposable income means less fast food, fast fashion, less exploitation, less waste... As my beautiful friend PK would sing right now "All we need is less!" Check out all the things we have managed without! Garments and gadgets can improve your confidence and your mood, but it's short lived. People are finally discovering that health is worthy of the most investment. Any heart lead projects aimed at improving mental and emotional wellness will be most supported by the universe. Keep checking in with the purity of your intentions, but don't mistake greed for acknowledging your worth and let's all learn how to ask for fair exchange. When we let energy flow in both directions we can live a happy life.

So as with any New Moon Ceremony, goals will be set. This Time we have the power of a 6 month Eclipse cycle behind them, so think big! What do you want to achieve? Is there something blocking that goal which you can set an intention to work on? Or maybe there is something you can sacrifice on this Solstice? When we offer something to spirit which is most precious to us it is sanctified and returned tenfold! Making an offering at this time of year puts us in good stead for the coming season. How much are you willing to give for your cause?

Wishing everyone a beautifully tender Cancer season. Take good care of yourself, the world wants us to slow down so embrace it and chill. Much love and healing vibes to you at this epic time in history.

Blessed Be!

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