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Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius - Seeing the Truth

As we approach this intense Full Moon, intuition is getting stronger and when we face the uncomfortable decisions head on, doorways will open up to a much brighter future. Sagittarius energy is already lifting the veil to show some hard truths. Now we need to take advantage of our enhanced perception so we can understand the repercussions our choices.

A Full Moon is always a time to reflect and let go. The stuff that's been swept under the carpet for so long is ready to be cleaned up and with lot's of planets in mutable signs, we will have the power of flexibility to move into new conditions. What familiar story is coming up that can finally be let go of? Can you see what has reached its limits? Have you noticed the effect your repetition has on your experience? There is not a wrong answer, just a better decision.

Venus is a big player at this time. Not only has she just rebirthed into a new 8 year cycle, called the Pentagram of Venus, but she is also sitting next to the Sun adding her vibration to the energy of this Eclipse. Shadows are being shown through relationships. There will be closures in some cases and expansion in others. An evolution of consciousness is trying to take place and there is no bypass to the next level. Emotional scar tissue that people have carried for generations needs to be healed. It won't be pretty and projecting the blame only makes things more ugly.

The energy of Gemini, which rules communication, was in the limelight at the start of this Lunar Cycle and continues to be in focus as we explore new ways of expressing ourselves. Sagittarius can be ruthlessly honest, and there is a lot of angry and outraged energy being activated right now. Pull back and retreat if you feel vulnerable to the arrows of strong opinions flying around the social media playground. It is not your duty to engage, be the master of your own vibration. The way out is inside.

Mercury has entered its shadow period before going retrograde on 18th june, Neptune will also be joining the underworld party on 23rd June putting a massive 6 planets in retrograde motion! Time to really go deep, watch the impact of our words and begin to really question our motives. Any little adjustments we make inwardly now will give massive leverage to the actions we take come autumn when planets start speeding up again.

Mars in Pisces is forming a perfect T-square to this Full Moon. The tension it creates is like a driving force. There are 2 quite different ways Mars in Pisces could manifest. It may look like this.. Sun shows up some shadows in our relationships and we apply compassion to ourselves and others and deepen our faith in humanity coming together. Or... Sun shows shadows in relationships and freedom loving Sagittarius makes us wanna run for the hills, but with limited movement, we decide to escape reality instead by getting completely smashed.

The key is to stay in the here and now but make a decisions based on the bigger picture. Here is a neat little spell I created for decision making, and my favourite tree for broader vision is Scots pine, Enojoy! This is also a great Moon to lighten your load by giving stuff to the fire in a ritual. This doesn't mean go out and burn your old clothes! Write down what you want to let go of, for example heartache or guilt, and feed it to the fire with intention of release and transmutation. You will be making room for even more love and prosperity in your life.

Have a beautifully healing Full Moon ceremony whatever you do. Offer prayers to all those struggling and any healers, please send your loving magic out to the world to help keep the balance and path the way for a more unified future.

Blessed Be

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