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Super-Blue-Moon in Pisces - Prepare to Initiate

Thursday 31st August 2023 - 2:35am UK time

At any Full Moon we are performing a sort of balancing act. There is a state of tension between our inner and outer worlds. The Sun vs Moon. Doing vs being. Conscious vs subconscious. Our sensitivity is heightened and any intuitive promptings should be taken seriously. Are you feeling pulled in a particular direction?

The Virgo/Pisces axis is one of completion, preparation, and service. Virgo is the earthly refinement of routine and order. It’s where the personal identity prepares to connect with others, and becomes conscious of the impact one can make in the material world. Pisces is the dreamy, final stage of zodiac where the soul is much less concerned with the physical existence and longing to connect with a cosmic reality.

Service is also a theme the two signs have in common. Earthly Virgo is concentrating on practical work, organisation, analytics and hands on service. Whereas pisces, in its higher vibration, is selfless, compassionate service for the greater good of all life on this planet.

Saturn is currently travelling through Pisces asking us to consider how we are helping the greater whole. We may be presented with opportunities to gain some Saturnian mastery over those Pisean themes of compassion, forgiveness, escapism, selflessness, addiction, artistic inspiration and mysticism. Known as being a hard and sombre teacher planet, Saturn has been opposing the Sun in Virgo all week, and will be playing a strong role in this super powerful Full Moon on Thursday. This is an auspicious time for any project demanding endurance or tolerance. Also good for establishing new habits and rituals. However, you have to focus in order to achieve the most positive rewards from this short but serious period.

The cosmic waters of Pisces are an incredibly sensitive area, so our lessons may be received in the feeling variety. Saturn may bring emotions of loneliness and separation to our awareness, which may also be perceived as isolation or rejection. Guilt and excessive responsibility could also feature. If we watch our responses with a neutral mind, and avoid falling into a state of victim, we can see the truth of our situation and clear a large dose of karma on this moon.

Saturn also relates to grit, determination and commitment. Spiritual discipline will be highly rewarded. What do you want to work on, manifest or unblock? How often do you meditate, not fantasise, on your goals? It’s amazing to witness the results we can get from a dedicated spiritual practice.

All in all, this moon can pack a powerful punch of practical magic. Here’s a few ideas to accompany your full moon ritual:

Antar Naad meditation - practicing this moving meditation on the full moon will open up a flow of inspiration. It also gives you the capacity to gain mastery over the spoken word and gives protection from psychic attack. Learn it with Nirinjan Kaur here

Dream journal - our subconscious communicates to us through symbolism in our dreams. It is worth writing down vivid dreams as soon as you wake. Leave a pad and pen by your bed to catch as many details as possible before they vanish. Write down where you were, how you felt and any other people or details in the dream. Meditate on its potential meaning later or throughout the day.

Meditation - without a regular meditation practice, a glimpse of the infinite can feel overwhelming, hopeless and even chaotic. Essential for anyone with strong Pisces energy. Heightened sensitivity can be managed by dedicating a simple 11 min meditation to your day. I find morning meditation most useful, here’s a good one to get you started.

Escapism - we all love and need a little escape from the daily grind, whether it’s football, trashy novel, computer games or cannabis. Life is about balance, work and play. The question is, how much escapism do you need? What are you running from? Assessing your escapist habits could reveal some truth about how satisfied you are with your life situation, and speak volumes about your stress levels. This is not an exercise in self shaming, it’s a way of getting real with yourself.

Hazel tree - in Celtic tradition, Hazel trees are associated with the pursuit of poetic wisdom, the attainment of divine knowledge and an awareness of all things. Now is a good time of year to go in search of a hazel tree and try a few of its nuts. Always ask before picking, and sit for a while to receive creative inspiration.

Forgiveness - are you are holding on to some pain? Mercy is a surrender to compassion that is so potent that the ego is swept aside and the heart pulsates in cosmic love. Mercy, kindness, compassion and temperance, in time enrich the goodness inside and help to refine emotional reactions and ethical development.

Wishing everyone a peaceful lunation and an expansion of love for humankind.

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