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Full Moon in Pisces - Creating Radiance

Wednesday 2nd September 2020 6:22am - GMT

Considering we still have 6 planets in retrograde, this Full Moon came around super fast! Lessons and up-level moments have been whipping past so quick there’s not even time to contemplate, which is probably not such a bad thing. The Sun, now moving through Virgo is getting us organised, health conscious and more capable of discerning our priorities. Pisces provides the closest link to the spiritual realms of all the zodiac signs. It is mutable water which resonates more to Ether, the unlimited, universal energy that surrounds us at all times. Our intuition will be strong at this time, and spirit is setting things up for us, so we should be like the Piscean fish and swim/drift where the current wants to take us.

The Full Moon is happening at 10 degrees in exact aspect to Uranus in Taurus. In tantric numerology the number 10 is associated to our Radiant Body. To keep our Radiant Body shining we need a good dose of spiritual commitment, and actually, to look after our hair! (Quick plug - Hair ceremony appointments now available!) Taurus rules our physical body and Uranus awakens us to change, so we will be getting some clear guidance about what is good for our health and what’s not. Current alignments are helping us reach new levels of spiritual strength, and our Radiant Bodies will get a proper polishing. A strong Radiant Body will be creative regardless of obstacles and move with grace and courage. A weak one will be avoiding conflict and unable to move past fears. If you feel like your Radiant Body could do with some attention, I can recommend an excellent online Kundalini class to sort that out. Hit me up if that calls to you.

Sun in Virgo is also all about health and vitality. Virgo energy helps us to discern and make better choices regarding our diet and lifestyle. On the flip side, Moon in Pisces can make us want to escape reality, but with Uranus’ involvement, we should be able to break some unhealthy ‘escapist’ habits. With everything in the outer world changing so dramatically, its only natural that inward revolution will also occur. Pisces and Virgo's common thread is service, how does it feel when you help another or the planet? If we are in the wrong job it will be obvious right now, so keep your eyes peeled for any drops of inspiration towards a change of direction. Those of us on our soul path will be wanting to get more focused and organised. Remember to schedule in daily meditation time though in order to receive that continuous stream of inspiration.

Mars is still causing mischief up the there. He has been squaring the trio of big bodies in Capricorn since the beginning of August, making us fight the old paradigms and stand strong in our truth. On the Full Moon he will be forming a tight T-square to Venus and Saturn. There is a pull between Venus in Cancer who wants to indulge in beauty and the creative imagination, and Saturn in Capricorn who wants to get some serious work done. This tension and contrast can be channelled through assertive Mars in Aries. Mastering our emotions by not caving-in to impulses, reactions or urges, allows us to see the green light and start the ideas which have been percolating while learning how work and play can happily co-exist.

The Moon energy is full of possibility and insight right now. If we keep our hearts open, the path will be shown, but it is us alone who has to walk it. Give thanks for your blessings and more will surely come. Remember that every challenge is an opportunity to initiate into new ways. Change it up baby! Reclaim your sovereign right for a joyful life.


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