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Full Moon in Taurus - Breaking Apart

Saturday 31st October 2020 (Samhain) 2:49pm GMT

Are you ready for change? If the answer is YES, this Full Moon in Taurus is full of magic for you. Things that once seemed an impossible challenge, may suddenly become a breeze. Not only is this a Blue Moon, it is also happening on the festival of Samhain (halloween) when the cosmic veil is thinest and communication with the spirit realm is clear. This is a time to connect with our ancestors and feel into the inherited DNA we have running through our veins. If we go back far enough, we can connect with the relatives who knew how to live in harmony with the land. A lot can be gained if we open ourselves to learn and be guided by them. This is also the time of year where we pay respect to those who passed over, send prayers and leave lights outside to help them find their way.  

Our blessed Moon will be full sitting alongside Uranus at exactly 8 degrees. When I look at the figure 8 I see perseverance, strength and balance in its eternal loops. Black Moon Lilith will be adding some of her own big magic to the mix also. Another rebel who encourages us to individuate and become true to who we are. Lilith was banished to the underworld, she represents the dark side of femininity, sexual taboo and social transgression. How we connect to these energies is to go inward. Let your shadows speak to you, they exist to inform us of what we most desire.  

So what does it mean when Taurus is in the spotlight? Well, Taurus is fixed earth so it relates to the natural world, our resources and materials. It's how we farm, consume and engage with nature. Then there's our physical bodies, and our senses. Its in Taurus we first step out and explore using our 5 earthly sense, we may find ourselves delving into these more. Finance also comes under the Taurus reign, banking, economy etc, along with our personal values and how we spend our cash. All of these areas are undergoing major shifts while the radical and revolutionary energy of Uranus travels through. Are you already aware of what is changing for you? What behaviours do you repeatedly indulge regardless of how poorly they’ve served you before? Are you ready now to let them go once and for all?

Uranus moved into Taurus in March 2019, and will stay there until April 2026. During this period he promises to destroy even the most stubborn attachments if they prevent us from embracing the truth of who we are. These seven years will provide precious opportunities to reimagine our future, and start planting the seeds of commitment to change human priorities on this beautiful planet. Uranus can be our saviour, our liberator from past mistakes and it’s inventive nature will enable us to recalibrate and create a sustainable world to replace a dysfunctional one.

In other news, Mars retrograde squaring Jupiter in Capricorn will help us to lay some firm foundations for what we want to build in this world. The slower approach can be very useful and makes us prioritise what we hold dear. We should be all used to things being a bit slower these days, and although I believe mistakes are not always a bad thing, they often happen in haste. Use this Mars retrograde to expand your knowledge, to fine tune your work, practice and grow stronger.

Finally there is Mercury and Saturn learning how to compromise. Mercury is now back in the social sign of Libra and is thinking about fairness and justice, while stiff old Saturn stubbornly clings onto ’the rulebook’. The masculine structures being dismantled are rigid and want things to stay the same, whereas the feminine is flexible, it flows with feeling and wants to adjust to the moment. A combination of both is what is needed, compromise and understanding that a little of the old and a little of the new makes for a mighty fine stew (to quote the rock-n-roll prophetess!).

This will be a Moon where we finally break out of bad habits. Unmaking is as much a part of the cycle as making, but it's not always a comfortable transition.

“ When real metamorphosis has begun, we run into the welter of ‘dissolving' experiences. We may feel that everything is falling apart, that we are loosing everyone and everything. Dissolving feels like death, because it is - it’s the demise of the person you’ve been.” - Martha Beck

Wishing everyone a magical Samhain! May the light of this very special Full Moon guide you to a much brighter future. 

Blessed Be!

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