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Full Moon in Gemini

Thursday 8th December 2022, 4:08am (UK time)

Exploration of the psyche is in full effect during this Moon illumination. Now is a time where our inner battles are put in the spotlight and we have the opportunity to re-write some well practiced narratives. The Full Moon is happening in the sign of Gemini which rules how we think, how we learn and how we communicate. Gemini is represented by the twins, so this a perfect time to let the sub-conscious and conscious, interact. A chance to learn, assess, discern and change our inner dialect.

Mars, who is currently in retrograde, is also hi-lighted on this Full Moon. We may find our inner fire blazing at times, and our minds could feel somewhat frazzled and overactive. When a personal planet goes retrograde, it offers an opportunity of introspection. Due to the close nature of Mars retrograde to the Full Moon, insights will be clearer and more fathomable. Mars is the planet of war, action, drive, passion and independence. Exploring some, or all, of the following themes could lead to positive discoveries. How healthy are your levels of...

- Competition - with oneself and with others

- Repressed anger / Passive aggression

- Self-destructive tendencies

- Sexual inhibitions / compulsions

- Solitude

- Independence

- Action - getting things started

Take your time with what you find, and practice remaining neutral and forgiving. Then, If you need to share your findings with others, you can do so without harm. Ruling planet, Mercury, has just moved into grounded Capricorn so this will assist in staying realistic and using our findings for practical growth. Saturn energy is also offering some harmony which means, with a little bit of discipline, this is a real karma clearing moon!

This is also a good time to take notice of the relationships which bring you the greatest sense of peace. These people are like signposts, directing and inspiring you towards your spiritual growth. Asteroid Juno is empowering us during this Full Moon by calling us to assess the balance and fairness in our relationships.

We may feel a desire for freedom, if we feel pinned down, confined or expected to follow orders. Remember that Mars is quick and hot. So, hasty communication might bite you in the ass. Practice slow deep breathing if you feel triggered, and if it feels important to have your say, choose your moment with care.

I am now offering Online Soul Path Readings where we explore the areas you are working to develop in this lifetime, and also the habits which make your journey more challenging. If you would like to book a Soul Path Reading, get in touch via my website.

Wishing everyone a magical last Full Moon of 2022! Be kind to yourselves.

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