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Full Moon in Gemini - Trust and Justice

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Thursday 12th December 2019 - 5:12am GMT

If you can’t believe yourself, who can you believe? 

Gemini is ruled by Mental Mercury which can give us the power to discern. In Gemini we soak up our immediate environment, which could be a good or bad thing, depending on if you’ve been sucked into Neptunian Chaos. Oh yes.


Neptune has recently turned from a 4 month retrograde and is forming a powerful T-Square to this Full Moon. This means that Neptune (Chaos and Divine Love) is the driving force behind any learning that takes place. Spirit is heavily involved right now. When you’re not getting spun in that whirlpool of collective fear, you could be picking up on the almighty Love Fuzz around too, and able to see the now much you have grown over this year. There is so much scaremongering happening on the world stage and with the Christmas stress too, it’s very easy to get pulled into the madness. My advice, Discern if its yours, if not, don’t enter the ring, if it is, meditate on that shit.

The Sagittarius/Gemini axis has a mutual theme of learning. Sag being higher education, philosophy, broader perspective, and Gemini being more like 'what's this right here?’. Can you remember what was happening for you at the Gemini New Moon earlier in June? I believe that was one of this year's Shake Up moments for many of us. If you compare then with now, what do you see?

We have been leaving behind old internal structures/beliefs for a while now. I'm sure I bang on about it. How many personal themes have we uncovered? And how quickly can we catch our stories now and call them out? We have come to a time where a degree of trust in ourselves must be applied. A Full Moon heightens our emotions, so feeling these subconscious triggers could be really painful, and my heart goes out to those experiencing hardship. There is a way out though, by taking responsibility when you recognise a situation as one of your patterns, sending it love and acknowledging it was most probably formed in your first few years of your life. Meaning it need no longer be relevant. By doing this, you not only let go of some nasty old energy, you open yourself up for more super powers of infinite love and much more enjoyable relationships.

Another cool thing happening is Venus all cosy up there with the two heavies, Saturn and Pluto. This screams out

“SELF-RESPECT” to me. Bring on some badass self love practice. Hear this! I will not let my damaged ego and its victim story attract anymore of this bullshit. I know its fake news and if it comes back I will call it out, taking back my Strength, my Inner Calm and improving my sense of self-value. Thats another approach, Ha!

I think that’s pretty much all i’ve got to say about this. Check in with yourself and be proud of the work you have done! We all have different gifts and challenges, no point comparing yourself to others, you can monitor your progress by acknowledging the positive changes which have taken place. Give praise where praise is due, no matter how insignificant you THINK it is.

If you find yourself around a lot of chaos during this Moon, work with the lighter side of Neptune. Pray. Meditate. Seek Nature. You will need to be very still and quiet to find the answers on how to heal. This month can be full of opportunity. Gift yourself this, accept graciously, and see how much you can let go of before entering a whole new decade in January. Be nice to forgive yourself and others.

A whole lotta love. x


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