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Full Moon in Libra - Wise Warrior

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Wednesday 8th April 2020 3:35am GMT

When the Sun is in Independent Aries and the Moon in social Libra, there can be this funny old mix wanting to be alone, and not wanting to be alone! There are a few aspects in the chart for this Full Moon which feel like opposing forces, and the continuing theme of learning balance is really being hi-lighted again at this time. Libra, after all carries the symbol of the of scales, weighing things up in the court of justice. Although Libra is traditionally ruled by Venus, I also imagine Pallas Athena, Goddess of Air, when I think of this sign. This is a Super-Pink-Moon, the largest of the year, and will be rising at around 8:30pm in the UK. It might not actually appear pink, but is referred to as pink because it coincides with the arrival of blessed blossoms on trees. 

Venus has now moved into the Air sign of Gemini bringing a sense of lightness to help deal with any tension between the Mars/Saturn conjunction in Aquarius. Saturn restricts and Mars acts, so the combination of these two energies could create a certain amount of struggle. However, we do need a bit of struggle in life in order to move forward. What happens when you apply some pressure? Things shift. 

How many of you have noticed a sudden desire to start delivering your truth and putting yourself out there? That will be the Jupiter in Capricorn having an effect. Capricorn is rules business, so for this entire Jupiter transit, we will be expanding and growing our own independent industries. Giant Jupiter is together in Capricorn with dwarf planet Pluto. Another interesting polarity as Jupiter has an expansive nature and Pluto likes to get down to the core, deepest, darkest shadows. Exploring our darker side, those bits we are ashamed of, is totally liberating. So much of our behaviour stems from incidents we experience as children. We are learning during that stage of life, and creating our own little rule book based on our emotional responses to the experiences we encounter. Things like ‘If I present my creativity in public people will hate me’ because some kid in primary school said you were a show off. Because, until we are conscious, we believe these rules so strongly, we also continue to attract the same sort of scenarios, embedding them deeper. Now is the time to be re-writing that rule book. 

It seems that the merging of these two powers is also having an alchemical effect on the entire structure of our society - there’s that pressure again! I can imagine the current systems getting so bloated with the rapid pressure of this global virus that they could burst any minute. Pluto is not known as the destroyer for nothing, and still has a few more years to go, trailing its way through Capricorn. This is the beginning of a powerful rebirth in leadership. Not just our external leaders, but also how we take the lead for ourselves. Pallas Athena is an advocate of truth and Justice. Accompanied by the wise owl, whose gift is to see through the dark, her energy will help us to connect with our inner courage and strength, giving us the confidence to grow from life’s battles. 

So this is the year where we lay the foundations for a new age. The movement of Jupiter in Capricorn has activated an opportunity for maximum creative potential. This is the time to interpret our truth, find the meaning behind our decision to incarnate during these times, and then take the appropriate risks. Our soul has come here with a higher purpose, and all this can be discovered in our own unique Astro-Birthcharts. We will know when risk is appropriate by applying an adequate balance of action and non-action to our lives. Intuition is discovered in the breaks from momentum. In other words a healthy ratio of meditation, work, fun and rest is the key to clearer calmer vision. By using our inner resources we can solve any problems or conflict combining the logical and inventive mind with our intuitive and creative abilities.

Finding balance is going to be different for everyone, but we do have help at this Full Moon. We have enough tension to feel the pull, but with the Libra energy and Mars/Venus in harmony with each other, there is ample opportunity to recognise imbalance and restore. Mercury moving through Pisces should also help us to be more compassionate with how we think and speak. It actually feels rather sweet, and really nice to witness the acts of kindness going down out there. The warrior within does not need to fight to be strong. Wisdom is our greatest strength and with skilful planning and compassionate negotiation we can provide the right kind of support to make these times of change a bit more comfortable.

Remember that as with any Full Moon, emotions are heightened so be gentle with yourself. Feel into what you are doing lots of and create a ritual that incorporates something completely opposite - Balance. This is a good Moon to perform rituals with friends and boost each others’ dreams. I’m feeling very grateful for the blessing of technology right now, keeping me connected with all my family and friends. I expect there will be a zoom ceremony or two!

If you are interested in understanding more about your life path via the Astrological birth chart, you can book an online reading with me by filling out the contact page on my website. Wishing everyone a blessed Pink SuperMoon. May you find love and beauty in all aspects of your life.

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