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Full Moon in Scorpio - Compassionate Communication

Thursday 7th May 2020 - 11:46am GMT

These are restless times full of uncertainty and emotional upheaval. Major shifts are happening as 3 planets gear up to turn retrograde next week. There is an expanding and contracting nature to the energy which creates tension then opens up to creativity. We must begin to let go of conditions that do not benefit us. And that is exactly what Full Moon time is about. See and release.

Scorpio is not known for being light and social, it is deep fixed water and closely connected to the subconscious. The illumination of this Super Moon will be shining light on shadow material giving us an opportunity to transmute emotional intensity into healing and empowerment. Scorpio encourages us to dive deep, and turn our curiosity inwards. Mercury in Taurus will be alongside the Sun, adding its gifts of communication and learning to what would normally be a very introspective time. Although Mercury in opposition to the Moon can be seen as a challenge, compassionate Neptune is having a good effect on it all, making it easier to intuit, and bringing an element of peace and understanding to our conversations. 

The Moon's Nodes have recently changed signs from the Cancer/Capricorn axis, to Gemini/Sagittarius. North Node in Gemini, which is ruled by Mercury, suggests that over the next 18 months we will be learning and experimenting, questioning and evolving how we communicate. With Saturn moving in and out of social signs Capricorn and Aquarius, we will continue to see restrictions and limitations applied to our civil liberties. By learning how to communicate in a way that is best for all, we can try to get our heads around diversification and begin to set a president for future democracies.

Communication is a two way process. It involves speaking and listening. Some of us are naturally better listeners than speakers, and vice versa. I’ve heard so much focus on ‘speaking our truth’ in the last few years, it's begun to exhaust me. I think its time we brought the importance of listening to the table. Active listening requires withholding judgement, reflecting and asking questions. I’ve also recently noticed how at times speaking 'my truth' can be more harmful than good. This is not to say that its better to bottle things up, just be more considerate of those you are sharing with and apply some intuitive empathy.

If we are to embark on social change, the way we communicate and work with the powers already in place needs to be assessed. Arguing, fighting and shouting never got us anywhere. Listening and responding in a non-violent way is the future. When we show compassion toward others, we not only ease their anxiety, but also our own and we can hear and share openly. In a world filled with great divides and challenges, compassion is a gateway for a more open-minded, calm connection. The harmonious energy of Neptune working with Mercury on this Full Moon will help us to harbour this kind of compassion when we communicate with others. Although, like with everything, it won’t stay around forever, so see what you can learn from it and try to remember what worked and what didn’t.

Feelings can be a messy old place and are quite often based on perceptions. These can easily mutate into blame and expectation if we are not aware of ourselves. Scorpio relates to deep feelings and there’s something about this Moon which makes me feel a veil may be lifted to show us where the emotional reactions we experience come from. As we swim around the dark waters of Scorpio, we have the assistance of psychic Neptune, and problem solving Mercury, to help us unravel where social or cultural imprints may be influencing our emotional responses.

This is a really good time to go into meditation and gather some clarity on what is yours and what is not. This is the process of deconditioning. There is also an incredibly strong collective emotional energy happening. It will feel draining if you are a sensitive person. I would recommend protecting/grounding yourself regularly and taking those naps when you need to. Attend to your nervous system over this Full Moon, take deep breaths, bathe, relax. Change takes time and is full of trial and error, so don't be too hard on yourself.

Many Moon blessings for your inner exploration and outer interactions. For those in relationships, we may need as much time alone as we do together, so try not to take things personally... And when we do get the chance, make love, not war.

Blessed Be!

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