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Full Moon in Taurus - Digging Deep

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Tuesday 12th November 2019 - 01:34pm GMT

Are you having a fun time in this Mercury Retrograde? Getting a good old look inside? Much discovery can be done over this Full Moon as Mercury joins the Sun to illuminate our inner world and give deeper insight into the way we function. This is also a month of remembrance, for who we have lost, and the parts of ourselves which have been forgotten or ignored.

Taurus rules our physical senses and our bodies. How easy is it to drop down from the realm of the mind? Through our emotional guidance within the body we can begin to understand who we really are. To uncover the truth about ourselves we may need to dig through the layers of our human experiences and resolve some inner conflict. 

Something that is well practiced and familiar is not necessarily good for you, and quite often brings forth situations or relationships with the same old issues. When you notice those tapes playing a familiar tune, see it as a chance to change the record. We will most definitely uncover stuff that we don’t like, this is called shadow work, but there will also be good stuff found that hasn’t been owned yet. 

To acquire self-respect we need to apply some recognition. We all have the choice of whether to continue telling the old stories or tell them to 'do one'. Do you really think you are here on Earth to be punished? Honestly, are you that bad?? You may get certain insights as to why your conditioning functions in particular ways. These insights can be helpful, but are not essential. You conscious presence is what dissolves the past, that is the transformative agent, and the integration will follow.

This Moon has a very powerful energy that could act as a springboard towards our goals. Neptune is influencing this Moon so we have some divine assistance in overcoming any negative programs, especially around relationships and finances (Taurus stuff). The blocks we face are all self-made, and can be self-undone. No one is holding you back but yourself. Thanks to Pluto in Capricorn, the internal structures we have built over our lives are being demolished. New choices can be made now to fix up and lay foundations for new and improved structures. It’s all about choice.

Neptune’s influence can make us super sensitive, and those feelings we get can be really uncomfortable. I know all too well what its like to want to numb out when the heart starts pounding in fear and pain. But trust me, these feelings are informing you of something, and they will pass. Our souls are here with a mission. Everyone has different lessons and there is no such thing as getting a top score, we simply have to turn up and do the work. Or not... You can always come back and do same thing again, and again, and again… Your choice! 

There is so much magic and mystery in the shadows, in the darkness. Be like the mole and live by faith, using all your sensory gifts to find your way through this month. We are way too dependent on our eyes anyway. I can recommend “Twilight” by Anderson Paak to get out of an emotional funk. Always reminds me to get over it and have a dance. 

My work has been evolving over the year and my hair ceremonies are now designed to honour the endings and beginnings  of life phases. I offer online astro-hair-consultations to discuss your planetary transits and potential new look. Fill in the contact form on my website if interested. 

Wishing everyone happy travelling through November. Go easy on yourself, reprogramming and reintegration need time to settle. This is all preparation for a completely different year in 2020. Peace out y’all.

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