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Full Moon (Lunar Eclipse) in Capricorn - Life Redemption

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Tuesday 16th July 2019 - 10:38pm GMT

This is a VERY power moment in human history.

Emotionally, I feel like i've been on a continuous spin cycle since the beginning of July. However, there is always a choice of whether to feel cleansed or punished during these times. The Full Moon is on its South Node in Capricorn with the Big Boys Saturn and Pluto. This will be giving us strength to overcome these challenges and put healthier new systems in place. If we want to make a difference in this world, we start with ourselves.

I have to say, I've become a big fan of Mercury retrograde. I find it so much easier to observe my thoughts during this time, and see how often I am pulled away from the present moment. My heads been doing some crazy bitch shit! Hahaha! Catching myself out of the present moment has helped me to see how ridiculous some of these fear responses are.

Big transformation is taking place. As Chiron dances backwards with Mercury, our wounds are being churned up and it may feel pretty uncomfortable at times. Be flexible with yourself, remember the details of the situation are not what is important and find people who will support your healing journey by allowing you to share what is hurting.

I've been talking a lot about the Inner Child this year with the North Node in Cancer. I love to help people with Inner Child Healing, so hit me up if you think you want to know more. Neptune is bringing more compassion to our inner world and creating a clear connection to Oneness. Its here we can reprogram the feelings of abandonment, rejection and fear into feelings of love and belonging.

A good question to ask yourself during this Eclipse is "am I reliving the past or rewriting the future?" The emotional pain of the past does not need to continue. Use this Full Moon to assess what beliefs are not coming on the next stage of your journey, and let's celebrate! We are here at this point of New Beginnings. Power Yourself Up in the NOW!!!

Injoy beautiful people! Blessed Be.

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