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New Moon in Leo - Keep it Light

Wednesday 16th August 2023 10:38am UK Time

Many of us will be welcoming some new energy after an intensely transformative cycle, although unexpected developments are still expected! The shadow has been getting revealed and this can cause us to feel quite negative. I am hosting two different circles this week to combat negativity. Check out Moonpsycles events for more details.

Leo season is where creativity flourishes and self-expression is honoured. This is a good time to focus on what motivates and excited you, but not to push too hard for rigid ideals. If we keep our energy light and playful at this time, we will become open to cosmic inspiration, able to adapt to any unexpected changes and follow the direction of our soul.

The New Moon is activating the energy of Uranus who disrupts, shocks, liberates and invents the new. The more fixed we are on having things ‘stay the same’, the more likely things are to break and cause chaos. Uranus like to shake things up. If we have shaken up our own world and broken down the bits which hold us back, this transit can spark a beautiful blossoming.

An ongoing battle between Jupiter and Venus is causing confusion. Half of wants us to expand and half of wants to retreat. Venus retrograde is pulling us away from the limelight on an internal mission to rediscover our personal truth, and Jupiter is eager to get things moving. Practicing meditation on a daily basis will help to develop a sense of trust in divine timing. There is no rush. Good things come to those keep their vibration light. So try not to take things too seriously. What we will benefit from this month is Mars and Mercury in virgo. They will be helping us to clean up, refine and form a plan, so that when the time is right, we can progress smoothly.

Things to keep in check for the Leo New Moon:

Ego Clashes - Teamwork can suffer from individual grandiosity, and we can miss seeing things from another’s perspective. Be considerate.

Self-Centredness - Being the centre of your own universe is a good thing, as long as you remain aware of the emotional impact you can have on others around you.

Fixed Attitude - Sometimes our way is not the best way, and the having an open mind to alternative possibilities can be bring surprising results.

Wishing everyone a magical month of present moment awareness.

Blessed be!

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