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New Moon in Leo - Time To Shine

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Thursday 1st August 04:12am GMT

This is a super exciting New Moon! Leo rules the heart and is about magnificence, romance and creative expression. Venus, planet of love and abundance will be joining the Sun and Moon, lighting up our hearts and our divine spark. Our sensuality, creativity and compassion will be ignited, helping us to feel the joy in our life's purpose and step up to perform - Its time to shine! What is the ray of light you are now ready to command? Where are you aiming it?

Leo is child like and playful, but that child energy can easily turn into strop and tantrum. My advice as always is to use those situations which trigger a sulk or tantrum to look deeper within. Owning and observing them not only helps in getting to know your unconscious patterns, but is also the start of reprogramming.

This is the first New Moon since the Eclipse season and how lovely that Mercury goes direct on the same day, forward motion at last. Things may have felt rather slow lately as 6 planets have been in retrograde, thats a lot of inner work! When a planet goes retrograde, its described as going into the shadows, meaning that its energy will be reflected on an inner level. Jupiter has been retrograde since April, expanding our inner world, and finally goes direct during this lunar cycle too! Whoop! This is great news for those who have been busy clearing their shit, prepare for your outer world to really start opening up. Whatever was blocked now reveals new doors of opportunity.

There is also a bit of influence from the maverick planet Uranus. This energy will assist in moving out of comfort zones, that's if we choose TRUST over fear. We could see radical shifts in our relationships and also our financial flow.

This is a month of conscious adjustments. Take pleasure in the warmth and kindness that is growing out there. I have heard this time being described as the rise of the ascended mother, and i'm really feeling that vibe! And you don't need to be female to nurture. Let the love and acceptance you have found for yourself echo out to all our relations, trees, birds, plants and bees. Everyone benefits.

One last thing. Don't play it small to stop others feeling threatened. Go out there are SHINE BRIGHT!

Much love and lunar blessings to you all. Peace.

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