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New Moon in Sagittarius - Shifting into Balance

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Tuesday 26th November 2019 3:06pm GMT

Sagittarius carries the ‘bigger picture’ viewpoint, and with the New Moon happening in a neat trine to Chiron we could get some decent healing done in this final month of 2019. In order to grow and evolve we need to surrender what was and welcome in a new unexplored way of being. Its only then that the real transformation can occur. It feels like we’ve been experiencing a little growth spurt during this recent period. Jupiter is travelling through the final degrees of Sagittarius and will move into industrious Capricorn next week. Jupiter expands and brings good fortune. Whatever house Sagittarius rules in your birth chart will signify where in your life you have been impacted this year. If you want to know more about your personal birth chart, hit me up via my website.  Over the last week, Venus has been getting cosy with Jupiter, helping us to evolve into a new way of being in relationships and expanding our sense of freedom in love. We are at a critical stage of growing into our individuality, compassion and personal freedom. There has been some deep processing going on since the Mercury retrograde and Taurus Full Moon. Emotional triggers have been pointing us to look at what painful stories need to get the push. Its really important to sit with your triggers before launching them at someone else. They are happening as an opportunity for you to explore yourself more. A kite formation been going on up there between Mercury, Neptune, Saturn and the Nodes of the moon. This flow of energy is very positive. There have been moments lately where i’ve witnessed myself and others simply fly through challenges and observe emotional obstacles from a higher vantage point. This has been a very good selection of planets to form a kite, it’s helped us assess things differently and with more discipline. With Venus moving into Capricorn on the same day as the New Moon, we are about to get down to business regarding how we value ourselves. The Earth sign of Capricorn feels like a good place for Venus right now, and Jupiter coming in soon. We can take a more grounded and focused look at our work and projects. We can also assess what we are giving our attention to. Are we giving our energy to what is lacking and not working for us? Are we forgetting to acknowledge our strengths and the people who turn up? It is not healthy to completely ignore the stuff which ain't that good, but we should address the balance. Now is the time to tear through the illusions that have been holding us back, making us feel small or unworthy in some way. We have infinite potential inside us ALL and its ready for the taking! As we approach not only the end of another year, but also another decade, its good to reflect on our resilience and how we have overcome difficulties. Its not been an easy year, but challenges are what make us grow. Like the beautiful succulent plants that manage to flourish even in the most difficult conditions, we too can still grow with whatever conditions are thrown at us. The optimistic energy of Sagittarius will help us see just how resilient we are in the face of adversity and help us to curate an even better year to come. Use the New Moon to focus on what you want to restructure in your life and how you plan to do it. Consider what you have achieved this year and the positive changes you have already made. Congratulate yourself, no matter how small your progress seems. Giving attention to the good in life helps us cultivate the capacity to fly.

Wishing everyone a bright and positive month ahead. Remember to have lots of FUN!

Blessed Be People!

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