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New Moon in Scorpio - Honest Intimacy

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Monday 28th October 3:38am GMT

The New Moon happening in the sign of transformation, death and rebirth, is bringing a gust of radical change through the air. Sun and Moon in Scorpio will be exactly opposite the maverick Uranus in Taurus who does not do things in a subtle way. Big changes are occurring, in fact, anything can happen right now!

Scorpio and Taurus have a common theme of sensitivity. Taurus is about our own senses, our personal sensitivity. Scorpio represents the merging of two people, intimacy and sexual union. During this time we can really explore our need for intimacy, our hunger to be held, to be touched. Its completely natural to crave that.

In spiritual groups I often see topics encouraging women to own their sexual self and I wonder if this isn’t still putting pressure on us to perform in a certain way when it comes to sex. Deepening our relationships through sexual union is a beautiful and sacred thing. Are we actually honouring our bodies and this exquisite act when we choose to have sexual encounters? Their are many of us, men and women, who have given our bodies away freely in a search for love, touch and acceptance,, only to come away feeling more separate than ever. I'm not denying that many do have a strong sexual appetite, however, the energy around this Lunar cycle will help us to be honest with ourselves about our sexual motives. We can tune into own our sensuality and hear the truth about what feels good for us, and what we truly desire from an intimate relationship. 

We are currently reconstructing our lives to allow for greater self expression. Its good to get stuff out, and with this potent Uranus energy we may be pleasantly surprised by what unfolds. Whatever has been simmering under the surface for some time has to come out. Best to get brave and deliver in a clear, calm way if you want to strengthen your relationships with others AND yourself! 

Mercury will be taking Venus energy into the underworld as he goes retrograde just a few days after the New Moon. Happening at the time of Samhain it feels even more relevant to dive deeper into our own truth. At Samhain the veil between the living and the passed is thinner. Maybe we can feel into the ancestral pain that is causing us to repeat certain behaviours in relationships. Can we trust our own consciousness enough to recognise when a fear running through our blood does not belong to us? 

Having a retrograde through the deep watery sign of Scorpio can be seriously intuitive. I saw a little catapiller in the garden the other morning. He was so wet and cold from the morning dew he could barely move. It made me think about how overwhelmed we can get by our emotions, so much that we freeze and loose the power to intuit. Strong feelings will come up over this Moon, feel them in your body and experience them rather than trying to analyse with your mind. Go at your own pace with your expression and practice the art of containing your energy.

Be careful not to get lost in the dark. There is always a sanctuary outside in nature if you need a little cuddle from your Earth mother. Wishing everyone a beautifully sensual New Moon full of magical surprises. Blessed Be.

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