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New Moon in Taurus - Support Systems

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Thursday 23rd April 2020 - 3:26am GMT

Phew! This feels like a pretty hefty New Moon. In normal circumstances, a Moon in Taurus would be slow and sensitive, grounded and feeling pretty solid, but with Uranus so closely involved, normal is out the window. Taurus has a sensual nature and enjoys touch, so the lack of human contact for some people could be bringing up a lot of frustration. Planet Earth has been dished out plenty of the unexpected Uranian tricks lately. Because Taurus is fixed Earth, an erratic energy like Uranus riding through it will definitely shake things up, but its not happening just to piss us off, it’s to liberate us from a false sense of stability. It rules our material world, governs money and resources, agriculture and our physical bodies, I don’t need to remind anyone about the changes occurring there! Some of us may even incur other bodily injuries to slow us further still. When the world was ground to a halt last month, but I noticed many people went full steam ahead online, in their gardens or with their projects. I felt the pull too, but was shown by my menstrual cycle when to act and when to kick back. Our bodies are teaching us constantly about how to flow with nature. Both male and female bodies are mostly water and there has never been a better time to tune in, listen and learn how it is to be a drop of consciousness in a human body. 

I have been thinking lately about what its like to truly know we are supported. When we are born, we separate, from our mothers by cord and from the infinite source of creation, or god as some might say. Our belief of being separate or alone in this world weakens or strengthens depending on our relationship to our care givers, parents in most cases. As we become more conscious we begin to connect again to life, to nature and, for many, to spirit. This is when we learn to feel that great universal support. But how many of us are ready to completely accept that support, and perhaps the support offered by those who love us? What stories of abandonment are we still holding onto? As we grow up we must learn that these are just stories. Believing in them will only attract more of the same towards us. This may be a good time to reflect on the support you have felt through your life, and see if you can find a connection to heal from your early years. Inner child work is super powerful and something I believe has helped me manifest a life full of love today. I can help with this so please reach out if you feel called.

We have come to the final degrees in those Moon’s Nodes I like to talk about so much. The nodes show us as a collective what we should be reaching for (north node) and what needs to be left behind (south node). The north node has been traveling through Cancer for the last 18 months. Cancer is Cardinal Water, it is the waves that relentlessly touch the shore, sometimes softly, sometimes with force. During this time we have been learning how to work with our feelings, and reach a better level of inner security by clearing out old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve us. Cancer governs our inner child, to quote dream team astrologer Timothy Halloran, “we have been learning how to parent ourselves”. Lots of people activate their spiritual presence as a denial mechanism for dealing with their true emotional patterns. The element of water once honoured opens us up to next level intuition and raises consciousness. We don’t learn to swim in the shallows, we need to go in a bit deeper. 

The moon’s nodes travel backwards through the zodiac, so we have now reached the zero degree point of the Cancer/Capricorn axis and will be entering the next school of Gemini/Sagittarius on 5th May. This zero degree point feels significant to the energy around this New Moon. It is presenting us with an opportunity to let go anything holding us back and return to true selves. This is the month to reset our emotional alarm clock from the frequency of reactive child to wise adult, however, every wise adult knows that whenever we let go, a grieving process must take place.

There is a high level of grievance happening on the planet right now and will be supplying the fuel for many to spiritually awaken. When we let go or loose that which we were attached to, be that a person, a dream, substance or lifestyle, its very important that we give ourselves the space to grieve. It may sound weird to grieve an idea or a project, especially if in your mind you are already over it. But an aspect of you was alive when you had that dream, and needs to go through the same process. The grief cycle starts with shock and denial, then moves into anger before depression and finally acceptance. Everyone will move through this cycle at their own pace. Some grieving processes can occur within the space of an hour when we are fully in our witness. Quite often though, people get stuck at the anger stage because they are not willing to look at themselves and instead project blame on to others. There is no right way or wrong way, everyone has the exact experience they are meant to and will move through this cycle at their own speed. Meaning, if you need a few months or even years in angry phase then thats what you will have. If the importance of grieving was more acknowledged in our world, then perhaps we would loose a bit of that judgment and instead see someone in pain.

Mars and Venus have been playing nicely together up there in the heavens. Both in Air signs, we may have felt some ease when directing (Mars) our creativity (Venus) on a technological platform (Aquarius). We may be experiencing better levels of communication between couples, and this theme will be getting further explored as Venus goes retrograde during this lunar cycle on 13th May. Venus Retrograde helps us to understand that which we truly value. We will be able to assess which of our relationships uplift us and which drain our energy. There is always an energy behind people’s words, use this time to consider what relationships make you feel good. We live in an infinitely expansive world of creation and as we become more aware, we notice what causes us to contract and what helps us expand. Holding on to people through a sense of loyalty or guilt keeps us stuck in the victim cycle. It is actually sweeter for both to let someone go and offer them a different experience, than to keep feeding a bitter tasting situation. 

So this could be a very expansive Moon for us, depending on how we choose to look at things. When we relax and let go a bit, things get easier and there is an increased flow of knowledge. Take a good look at what you are tangled up in and cut yourself some slack, Uranus is the planet of freedom.. But obviously I don’t mean abandon your children! The universe provides everything we need, and we are always supported. This is a good New Moon to set intentions for dramatic change. Listen to what your body wants, not what your ego craves.  

Happy New Moon Earth Stars, and Blessed Be

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