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New Moon (Solar Eclipse) in Cancer - Ego Cleansing

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

Tuesday 2nd July 8:16pm GMT

In the beginning there was Shiva (the masculine, still, Ether, Spirit) and then along came Shakti (the feminine, creative, primal force) and life exploded into being. Both these energies are present in everything, the feminine has just been shamed into the darkness for quite some time.

Life is constantly moving in rhythms and cycles. The New Moon marks the time in our monthly cycle where we plant seeds and start new projects to work with the growing lunar energy. Consider the Solar Eclipse like a Super New Moon. The eclipse happens every 6 months, so has a greater momentum and power for your intentions and goals. If you haven't got round to making those changes yet, you may even find old themes coming back at this time to nudge you in the right direction.

Cancer is cardinal water, deeply emotional and feminine. If you are feeling the waves of strong emotions right now, this is great because it means you are not desensitised, you are connected to our mother and feeling her call. Emotional processing will be coming up so that we can restructure our beliefs around what are our core needs. Some of these emotions may be difficult, painful and heavy, so its important to find support where you can express yourself and feel safe to be vulnerable with your inner processes. 

Suppressed emotion MUST be released otherwise it will begin to impact the physical body. However, everything is released through the physical body, trying to release using the mind only makes it worse. If like me, anger is an emotion which has been denied, then dance is a great way to release. Just set the intention that you are 'letting go' before you move your body and shake that shit out!

The inner child, which is really the voice of our ego, will be wanting to tell its story. Allow it to feel heard as it will inform you of what you are missing or what you are holding on to too tight. Then, as you become the parent of yourself, you can make informed decisions to initiate new healthier themes around your emotional security.

I cannot express enough how important it is for us to embrace being emotional creatures. That IS the divine feminine we are all coming back to. The Hindu Goddess Kali embodies this feminine principle and liberates the soul through death, which can be all kinds of scary and uncertain. Be kind to yourself through this process and remember that others may be going through their own as well.

It would be good to perform a little releasing ritual for yourself tomorrow on the Solar Eclipse to create some space for the new seeds you are wanting to sow. Clear a space in your home or go outside. I like to watch the sunset and give all that I don't need to our great sun to take under the horizon. Feel into what calls you for the next 6 month chapter of your life and what actions or intentions would help you towards that calling.

Breathe deep. Take time. Accept ALL of yourself.

Blessed Be brothers and sisters, may the water spirits cleanse you kindly and guide you find a safe space inside.

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