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Pluto Retrograde Rebirthing

25th April 2020 - 4th October 2020

The intense and disruptive energy of Pluto has been moving through the sign of Capricorn since 2008. Pluto is a remote and distant planet which on average spends about 21 years in a sign, although this can very from 12 to 31 years depending on the retrogrades. This particular retrograde is happening at 24 degrees Capricorn from 25th April 2020 until 4th October 2020 and will only be moving back a mere 2 degrees due to its slow pace.

Pluto is deep, powerful and about radical transformation. It is death, rebirth, decay, regeneration and the messy but beautiful process of evolution. Normally when a planet goes retrograde, we say that is goes into the underworld, meaning the unconscious or subconscious part of us. But seeing as Pluto represents the underworld, its effects will be much the same, although the energy of transformation will be increased by the close proximity of Jupiter, planet of growth and expansion. As with any retrograde, the planetary effect is most potent as it stops to turn. Pluto turns on 25th April so a big impact will be felt with deep stirrings of emotion heightened between 23rd to 27th April. It may feel painful, but this is a very special moment to notice our power struggles and the games we have played, it will be like seeing our behaviours under a microscope. Once aware, we can find some clarity and forgiveness which will lead us forward into a greater version of ourselves with the wisdom we have gained.

Things may get slightly move challenging around August 13th as Mars comes in to a square with Pluto. Mars carries the energy of the warrior so we may feel or see some fighting for power here. Rather than get caught up in the storm, it would be useful to learn from these power struggles and prepare for better directed action towards change, ready for when Mars comes into its second square to Pluto on October 4th.

Pluto is powerful, so this can be a period of dramatically changing areas of your life, especially where you may have felt overpowered in the past. Whatever sign and house pluto falls in your chart will indicate how and where the most intense transformations will occur for you. Pluto's placement also shows us where we are willing to suffer to grow. On a collective level, world leaders and powers are experiencing an intense process of change. This is the Pluto effect in Capricorn, it's a remarkable time to be alive and witnessing this transforming of our social structures. However, during a time of social upheaval when attitudes and beliefs are undergoing a shift, there is usually a breakdown process that occurs first. It is important to go easy on yourself during this phase, it will pass, but it's easier to adapt to the flow of the experience rather than try to prevent it. We may discover some slightly shady sides to ourselves and others, its natural to have a shadow and we all have one. Witness and Forgiveness are the best tools to work with the darker side of ourselves and find more compassion for others.

If you have any personal planets in Capricorn, you will be feeling this regeneration the most. Planets in Cancer, Aries and Libra will be more challenged by this retrograde due to harder aspects. Planets in Earth signs Virgo and Taurus will be receiving a more manageable experience due to a harmonious flow between the connected elements. You cannot bargain or reconcile with Pluto, but you can always release your resistance to change that will make things a whole lot easier. Retrograde is a reflective time, so we will get a better vision of where we can grow.

If you would like to know more about the placement of pluto in your birth chart, get in touch here.

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